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A tent remains one of the most versatile forms of portable structures there is. Unlike a building that sits fixed upon the ground, the different sizes and types of tents available, make them perfect for housing occasions such as graduations, anniversary parties, corporate events, weddings, formal dinners and even birthday parties. At A Family Affair Tent & Party Rentals in Newark, DE we have been a reputable supplier of tent and event rentals for more than 9 years.
What makes our service so highly reputable? We ensure that all of our products have been manufactured from the highest quality materials and are maintained so that they are always in excellent condition, ready for hire. All of our staff at A Family Affair Tent & Party Rentals in Newark, DE are fully committed to living up to the professionalism and great customer satisfaction we have built over the years. Hosting an event is no easy task and we do our bit to help secure the success of your event, no matter what you are celebrating. Time is always a huge factor when hosting functions so we make it our goal to save you time where we can. What do you say to a hassle-free venue setup?
We have designed a number of specialty packages that take care of your event’s needs. These are simple items that range from linens to catering supplies to lighting equipment that contribute to creating an elegant atmosphere. Finding all that you need from one dependable supplier such as A Family Affair Tent & Party Rentals in Newark, DE means that you can cross a few items of that extraordinary long to-do list.

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